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30. april 2007

Secure Copy 2 Standard EditionMultiBOX Flat Edition

Secure Copy 2

Copy and resume files faster and safer. With Secure Copy you can intercept problems as they arise and fix them without having to restart a file transfer.




An enhanced combination of a message box and an input box dialog. Supports Microsoft® Visual Basic© 4/5/6.



Next Generation products gives you a preview on what to expect in the near future. No exact date of arrival are set to these products.

Secure Copy 3

New improved engine! Faster transfer, enhanced buffer handling and improved interface response.

* Multiple concurrent file transfer
* Files can be paused/resumed seperately
* Integrated CRC32 comparison
* Advanced queue system
* Thread prority per file transfer

More functionalities will be posted as they come available.


Products on BETA are on its' public testing phase. These will give our members/Site Account holders the opportunity to try the products before they are officially released.

None available.


Independant products are software that are not released under Pineda Network, but developed solely or partially by Glenn Pineda.

Project Management System
developed in cooperation with Madskillz

Communication, management and efficiency are keys to success. Project Management System simply applies success.



developed in cooperation with Erlend Birkedal/Birkesoft

Our modern twist of the classic game of Snake.



How to try products before they are officially released.

Become a member on this site by creating a Site Account and register as a BETA tester.

Want to download older products?

Here are the following links: (links that are striketrough are obsolete)

Secure Copy 1.4
Product WebUpdate 1.0




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