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Secure Copy 2 Standard EditionMultiBOX Flat Edition

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JavaSnake gives the classic game Snake a modern twist. The game is simple - eat as many apple as you can! How much can you eat? How fast can you go?

Game Controls
The game has simple navigation controls. Use the arrowkeys to go up, down, left or right. The "P"-key can be used to pause the game - you can resume again by hitting any key.

Connected walls
The walls on this game are not dead end. Left wall is connected to the right wall, upper wall is connected to the lower wall (and vice versa).

Snake eat snake?
Avoid eating any part of the snake's body. Doing this will result in a fatal game over.

Now that you are all set up.. Play the game!

Select game scenario:

80's Disco
It is the 80's and your goal is to stay alive! Eat the apples while listening to an 80's track.
Play this scenario >>

Beach Party
The beach simply says - sun and fun! Join the party and eat some chicken, dude!
Play this scenario >>

Please don't link directly to the game without written permission by Glenn Pineda or Erlend Birkedal. You may, however, link to this page or any correspondent page at Birkesoft freely. Use the contact page to get in touch with us.

JavaSnake, JSnake is copyrighted© 2003 by Glenn Pineda and Erlend Birkedal/Birkesoft. All rights reserved.


JavaSnake was created by these people as part of a school project at NITH (Norges Informasjons-teknologiske Høgskole):

Glenn Pineda
Erlend Birkedal

Please feel free to contact us! You can use the support form.

Playing the game
The game is a Java applet. Java plug-in must be installed to play the game.

Download the plug-in here...





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