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The Project Management System is a set of tools that will maintain an organized project process. The system will not replace existing project tools out there, hence the name; management, rather help you keep the files they produce in a safe place. It will also make communication easier, offering a chat client, bulletin board and a calendar for all members.

The integrated tools in-depth ...

Group Calendar/Today's Task
Working with projects requires cooperative work and that is the idea behind the Group Calendar. Instead of one calendar per member you can now keep one centralized calendar for all members. Each member has the freedom to insert tasks/activities that are relevant for him/herself or the whole group. Introducing this way of using a calendar will keep every tasks/activities synchronized at all times.

The system will also present these tasks in Today's Task on the day they are set up on.

Chat Meeting
The chat meeting tool is not like other chat clients. Project Management System introduces Internet Messaging Protocol (IMP) for sending and retrieving messages on the net. The protocol follows a peer-to-peer connection and logs the chat conversations. The idea behind this tool is to make net meetings possible. The log can be used to help you make a summary of a meeting.

Bulletin Board
Post ideas, opinions and discoveries on the integrated bulletin board. You can also include images and links to other web sites on your posts.

Document Manager
The Document Manager is an essential part of the system. This tool will give you a sense of version control. Having a centralized storage you and your group will have more flexible way to access your documents. As part of the version control function, each downloaded document from this tool is locked by the person who downloaded it. The storage are visually shown as a hierarchical tree.

The Project Management System is developed with Java technology and will work on operating systems that supports J2SE v1.4.2. Current BETA release of this program has issues on Unix/Linux systems. Future versions will resolve these problems.

Project Management System BETA 2 is available on the following links:

You can download the program and use it indefinitely at no charge. You are also free to distribute it to anyone you want, provided the distribution is an unmodified version of what you downloaded from our or partners Web Site.

Project Management System is copyrighted© 2003 by Glenn Pineda, Arild Bøifot, Steinar Haug. Dag Erik Henriksen and Reinart Geronimo. All rights reserved.



Project management System was created by these people as part of a school project at NITH (Norges Informasjons-teknologiske Høgskole):

Glenn Pineda
Arild Bøifot
Steinar Haug
Dag Erik Henriksen
Reinart Geronimo

Please feel free to contact us! You can use the support form.

Project Management System BETA 2 is available on the following links:


More screenshots coming soon.





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