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What is Secure Copy?

Secure Copy is a file transfer tool that enables you to do local and network transfer with resume support. If you have ever copied large amounts of data from one machine to another, you know that it can be time consuming and often slow down computer performance. With Secure Copy, you have the option to pause and resume your file transfers at any time.

Key features
(These features can only be found on the standard edition)

Total transfer control. You can stop, resume, restart, cancel and skip whenever you want.

Queue it up!
Add or remove files on demand then sort it by filename or by size.

Speed up or slow down.
Transfer faster than the default copy utility. You can even limit the speed for slower media.

Intercept error.
Automatic pause on error and resume where it stopped.

The program interface can be translated into several languages.
You can find these languages and more: (click here for more language packs)


Transfer details. Get in-depth information about speed, time and size.

Two flavors to choose from.
Secure Copy has two editions, standard edition (SE) and lite edition (LE). Take a look at the comparison diagram below to determine the one that suits you.

Edition Comparison

Feature: SE LE
Startup speed Fast Faster
Context menu access Yes Yes
Manager interface Yes No
Resume transfer Yes Yes
Pause, skip, stop control Yes No
Add/remove files on demand Yes No
Speed limit Yes No
In-depth transfer information Yes No
Plug-in support Yes No
Language Pack support Yes No

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Radio reviews

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icense information

Freeware without advertising.
You can download the program and use it indefinitely at no charge. You are also free to distribute it to anyone you want, provided the distribution is an unmodified version of what you downloaded from our Web Site.

Legal notice

This computer software is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this program, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under law.

Visual Basic©, Windows® and Microsoft® are copyrighted and registered trademarks by Microsoft® Corporation. Use of Visual Basic©, Windows® and Microsoft® names and images are for reference purposes only. All rights reserved.



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Online Help

A quick guide on how to use Secure Copy 2 and all its' functions. Access the online help here.

Secure Copy Engine 2 API

View the API online or download it here.

Revisited Information

Secure Copy version 2.3 is what we denote as the "revisited" version. Version 2 was officially ended May 1, 2003. Due to massive requests of a new minor version before version 3, Secure Copy 2 development was resumed again exactly one year after.

Apart from the visually enhanced user interface you may also notice the following features/fixes:

"Secure Copy or Move To..." on a single file's/folder's context menu.
- Transfer complete popup notifier.

User testimonials

"First off let me say that I downloaded and love this program. I do a lot of large file transfers over my wireless and on occasion it freaks out and I loose my connection and so my download is lost. But with Secure Copy I can resume."
- John P.

"Just wanted to say what an excellent product. I have been looking a long time for a product with this functionality."
- Dominic M.

"Your product Secure Copy, simply put, has filled in a void, experienced by many computer users like me."
- Shriramana S.

"This is a sufficiently useful shell enhancement that I expect Microsoft to try to buy your technology, or start building it themselves."
- Pieter K.

Rated 5 stars at SnapFiles


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