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Development downloads:

Secure Copy Engine 2 (v2.1)
SecuRE|copy Engine is an ActiveX DLL. An online version of the API can be found here.

Secure Copy Engine 2 API (v2.1)
A downloadable API description in Rich Text Format (.RTF).


Visual Basic 6.0 Example - Basic File Copy
Delphi Example - Secure Copy Explorer
(by Arild Bøifot)

Component downloads:
Be sure to update your copy of Secure Copy to ensure the components' compability.

FileFingerPrint (v1.0.80)
Verify file transfers using CRC32 or MD5 file fingerprint. This plug-in will enhance the transfer security of SecuRE|copy. Other feature includes: failed files verification report and delete failed files.

Language Packs:

English Language Pack
French Langauge Pack
(by Stephan Latry)
German Language Pack (by Alexander Wetzlmaier)
Galician Language Pack (by Xosé Antón Vicente Rodríguez)
Italian Language Pack (by Marco D'Amato)
Russian Language Pack (by Alen Hairullin)
Simplified Chinese Language Pack
(by Snowfrog)
Spanish Language Pack (by Cbf)

Other Language Packs:

Bjojoisk Language Pack (by Jo Inge Bjørnli)
Bork! Bork! Bork! Language Pack
Elmer Fudd Language Pack
(by Jo Inge Bjørnli)
Jive Language Pack
Pig Latin Language Pack
Valley Girl Language Pack



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Download lite edition...




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